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Well look at that: The classic fantasy audiodrama podcast I'm involved in just passed 5,000 downloads!

Just bought a PS5. This may have turned out to be a big mistake!

For those interested in such things, I wrote a short post about learning to write by reading bad books.

Here's a one minute sample of the full cast audio drama podcast of my book The Thieves Guild. I hope you like it!

Radio legend Jaye Albright: My Personal Trans Hero.

I was not expecting this level of prose from Robert E. Howard:

"His laughter was like the purr of a sword sliding from a silken sheath."

I can't be the only one that thinks all the Georgia mugshots look eerily like Death Eater mugshots from Harry Potter.

Super excited that my fantasy series The Thieves Guild is now available for pre-order in all major bookstores.

Listening to some Stevie Ray Vaughn. What an extraordinary talent. Every time I talked to legendary Texas DJ Redbeard about Vaughn, I swear Redbeard would damn near tear up. That's how I feel these days.

Debating as to whether put different types of posts on Mastodon and Bluesky for different audiences, and then I realized I don't have an audience LOL. So everybody gets everything! Cross-posting it is.

Oldest daughter now managed by Fourth Wall. Middle daughter safely ensconced in her dorm at the University of North Texas. Youngest daughter banging the shit out of the drums. Been a good week!

Congratulations to my screenwriter/director daughter Zoe, who has signed with Russell Hollander at Fourth Wall Management!

Glad I mowed the lawn in 102 degree weather yesterday, as it's 105 today. :/

I simply haven't found anything that works for me as well as Notion. I'd love to use an open source solution, but nothing is remotely as good. The good news is that, for me, Notion has been an organizational game changer.

I will never get tired of reactions to Ram Jam's "Black Betty."

Was thinking of switching this thriller to first person, but then I remembered that my friend, the sorely missed and amazing Dawn Lee McKenna, wrote hers in third person. So let's keep this in third as a tribute to her.

Still processing Sinead O'Connor's death. She was disarmingly open. Stunningly brave. Seemingly fragile. Yet ferocious. She survived the dark side and decided to let her light shine. And how it shined!

Let's test posting to both Bluesky and Mastodon at the same time. Hope this works!
A french bulldog peaking out from under a blanket

A day of short fiction critiques and script notes for me. Script notes are done (LOVED the concept. Those are fun scripts to read.). On to the short fiction.

Just critiqued a feature screenplay by She's SO good. She's already a better writer than I'll ever be.

So let's try this out. I enabled the Friendica connection to Bluesky and am posting this from Friendica. It will be really cool to unify these two social networks. For those that don't know: Friendica is built on the same platform as Mastodon (ActivityPub), so I can post to Mastodon, too. Federated unity!
be cool if I could use Ivory to have my Masto posts also show up on Bluesky. Although Bluesky is kinda turning into a cesspool already

Oooh, thanks to I learned that Friendica is (mostly) integrated with Bluesky via a plugin. So now I can incrementally at least consolidate my social media presence.

Old hard drive had nothing really new. Past Jake was smart enough to migrate past Jake files to newer storage.

Found an 11-year old hard drive in storage. Currently wondering if there is anything of interest on it. Will report back.

Have the tentative schedule for my participation at the Cascade Writers Workshop, and I'm on four panels, all of which sound extremely fun and educational. I can't wait!

This video is a fascinating deconstruction of genius. An extremely strong guitar player breaks down an Eddie Van Halen riff that is nearly impossible to play. Just when he succeeds, he looks deeper and discovers a level of virtuosity that seems unattainable to mortals.

June critique contest ends in 24 hours. A free critique of your fiction or notes on your screenplay for free. Details here:

Just had an ambient track I created and went to upload to an album for distribution flagged for explicit lyrics. An instrumental track. Flagged for explicit lyrics. 🤦
I mean, clearly the words were so dirty you couldn’t even say them. So it should be flagged! 🙃

Just tried a sample of the new Starbucks olive oil drink and it’s just as god awful as you think it is.

Adapting this novel from a biopic screenplay I wrote shouldn't be as hard as this is turning out to be. Point-of-view is the real challenge. I just can't get a handle on how to approach it in novel form for this subject.

Bluesky's user name management is pretty cool. You can link it to a domain or subdomain that you own, so my user name is now I love how my Bluesky handle is *owned* by me.

Just registered for Bluesky, which is essentially a clone of Twitter's UI. It looks very sharp. I like the open source federated content model, so I'm rooting for it.

My June Critique Contest is Now Live

Whether you have a screenplay, a novel chapter, a short story, or a TV Pilot, enter this month's contest to get a free critique from me. Signup and link to the FAQ is here. #jakescritiquelab

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#HappyPrideMonth #Pride #LGBTQI



Poster with white background and rainbow hearts with the words “wishing all the homophobes a super uncomfortable month”

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It's now official... I'll be teaching at the Cascade Writers Workshop this July! As a former participant, I'm so excited at being part of the group that gets to share knowledge and nurture writers.

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I am *delighted* to announce that TWO of my poems are 2023 Rhysling finalists in the short poem category!

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Holy shit! That SO AMAZING. YOU TOTALLY DESERVE THIS, TOO! OMIGOD. OMIGOD. So happy for your, Sarah!! Wait, you need more exclamation marks! Yes!!!!!! Go you!!!!

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The finalists for Young Adult Novel for the Locus Awards are such a ridic good list of brilliant fantasy/sf YA. We are so lucky to be living in such a time of riches. And I’m so grateful that Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak is on the ballot. <3

Dreams Bigger Than Heartbreak, Charlie Jane Anders (Tor Teen; Titan UK)
The Scratch Daughters, H.A. Clarke (Erewhon)
Bloodmarked, Tracy Deonn (McElderry; Simon & Schuster UK)
The Kindred, Alechia Dow (Inkyard)
Bitter, Akwaeke Emezi (Knopf; Faber & Faber)
Unraveller, Frances Hardinge (Macmillan; Amulet 1/23)
Rust in the Root, Justina Ireland (Balzer + Bray)
Lakelore, Anna-Marie McLemore (Feiwel and Friends)
Ballad & Dagger, Daniel José Older (Hyperion)
An Arrow to the Moon, Emily X.R. Pan (Little, Brown; Orion)

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I told my kids I’m grieving about the world we’re handing onto them, but damn they’ve got some good #YA books and #comics
congratulations! I just zapped the whole list to my teen sitting two feet away. They’ll love these!