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Testing a new social media integrated UI. Posting this from Openvibe.

I found my next phone! E-ink screen. Physical keyboard. This looks awesome!

Just spent WAY too much time today organizing SSL certificates for all my sites. Who knew that just addding "www" to a site would mess so many things up?

Just found out that one of my stories is being sent to the moon as part of an art-focused time capsule. My story "Hacking Dad" will be on the NASA Griffin Mission One launch in November. It will be included as part of the Lunar Codex mission to get art permanently preserved on the moon in capsules.

Spending the first part of 2024 building various publishing related businesses and not really writing. It's not bad, as I like building businesses, and I also need to prepare for eventual retirement. Still, I'd love to be creating stories.

Update on Friendica's integration with Bluesky. It's excellent. Bluesky feeds populate in the Friendica feed. You can reply to Bluesky posts and they are posted elegantly in Bluesky. Clicking on a user name shows you the person's profile, without leaving Friendica.

It truly is like a completely integrated Mastodon and Bluesky experience (via the Friendica ActivityPub code).

This is awesome. Logged into Friendica, and--boom--there's my Mastodon and Bluesky feed all in one easy feed. I'm posting this from Friendica to both of those locations, too.

Now to go enjoy Christmas Eve. :)

Taking the new Bluesky release out for a ride. It integrates 100% with Bluesky (posting, feed, custom feeds), so I'll rarely have to go to the UI, and I can post to both Mastodon and Bluesky from here. I'll report back!
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Andy by Bluesky, I meant Friendica. Friendica has a new release, and now I have multiple social networks integrated into a single UI: Mastodon and Bluesky (and Wordpress).

The Audiobook of Thursday is Now Available!

It's already available on Audible and Kobo, but will be available in all major audiobook stores soon.

Holy cow is Findaway Voices awful. I've been trying to re-order my chapters for three hours now, and their UI is still throwing errors. Safari. Chrome. They all don't work with the awful Findaway UI. Literally all I want to do is re-order chapters. How hard is that? I'm thisclose to just giving up on them and going to Author's Republic.

The Burning City Release Date is Tomorrow

Book two of my series, The Thieves Guild, is out tomorrow. All of the personal chaos that Ralan experienced in book one gets blown up into tons of political machinations. I hope you enjoy it. It's titled The Burning City because, well, the city is burning. :)

Dang it, last post didn't work

Bear with me folks, I'm testing out posting to my various locations via Mastodon/Friendica.
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Woo, this post worked. I can now post to Bluesky, Mastodon, and Wordpress via Friendica.

Unifying my social media presence

POSSE means "post one your own site, syndicate everywhere," and I'm closing in on that thanks to Friendica, which is similar to (and compatible with) Mastodon. I'm posting this from Friendica, but it is also being posted to Bluesky and my website.

This is new for me, so let's see how it goes, but my hope is that it works well, even for longer posts (as Bluesky has fairly elegant pagination using comments).

Extremely grateful for the kindness of / @Scalzi for his Holiday Gift Guide, which allows authors to highlight their work via his platform and allows readers to find new and exciting authors to read. I'm using it for both purposes!

Haven't checked Appflowy in a while and just updated and looked it over. Wow. This is a huge improvement. It's closing in on Notion.

First step is complete: H-Card is enabled. You can find it at

Integrating the Indieweb with my website. This may take a while.

I'm intrigued with the free content marketplace. Creators are paid from companies based on advertising revenue. Consumers are blocking ads more and more aggressively. Free content just doesn't seem sustainable with the long-term trend of ad consumption going down or being blocked.

I was today year's old when I learned that the word "ague" isn't pronounced like the word "plague." I guess the upside is that I've never actually *spoken* the word!

I cannot wait for the latest version of Friendica. It's 3 months overdue but seems close to release. I love that it seamlessly integrates with Mastodon using a UI that I like much better, and the new release will integrate posts AND feeds with Bluesky, so I'll finally be able to have a unified social media interface that works for me.

I'm very much missing screenwriting and hoping to get a feature finished before the end of the year. I just need to find the time.

Cover reveal! It's been a busy year for me, including the totally revised and re-release of my epic fantasy series. Now called The Thieves Guild, book two will be released on December 1. Here's the cover! Let me know what you think.

My novel Thursday was released today, and to celebrate I'm giving away a signed copy over on Reddit. You can register by commenting on the thread here:

With the release of my scifi thriller on November 1, I'm excited to share the first chapter of the audiobook. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Was sick earlier this week, so am now catching up. What better way to do this than talk about my life as a consultant and what I've seen. :)

Doing final line edits on Thursday. WHY ARE THERE ALWAYS MISTAKES? You can edit something a zillion times, and you'll still find a mistake in the book in the bookstore.

Watched the Taylor Swift concert movie. I've seen a LOT of concerts in my day, but this has to be near the top for pure entertainment, spectacle, and musical joy.

Part of doing business development consulting is going to meet with people in new places. Today I tell the story of how I got the reputation for having a sense of direction akin to Google Maps.

Here's a fun story about a rock star that was totally psyched about meeting Casey Kasem.

I really appreciated the time I spent with late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. I talk about it here.

Today I chat about a conversation I had with Styx guitarist Glen Burtnik and John Waite about style and virtuosity in playing guitar.

In today's video I talk about participating in a writers workshop with Ursula K. Le Guin, and how her personal handwritten critique of one of my stories still inspires me to this day.

Want to know what's rarer than meeting a celebrity? Meeting a celebrity before they're famous. That's happened to me a couple times. Today to celebrate the release of my novel on November 1, I tell a story of one of them.

I'm so excited. The new update to will seamlessly connect Bluesky for reading and posting. It already seamlessly connects with Mastodon. This will allow me to consolidate my social media presence in a small but important way.

As I share stories of my life, today I detour from Eddie Van Halen and David Gilmour to the most important moment in my writing career. You can find the story mentioned in the video here:

Well look at that: The classic fantasy audiodrama podcast I'm involved in just passed 5,000 downloads!

Just bought a PS5. This may have turned out to be a big mistake!